yoked couples

Christians often apply the term “unequally yoked” to marriages between believers and unbelievers, and many believe these marriages should be avoided at all costs. I think the warning is a mark of fundamentalism, where holding on to certain beliefs is so highly valued that it becomes ultimately important to guard against being swayed from them.

But people can hold a lot in common apart from their religious beliefs. And sometimes people change or expand their beliefs in ways which allow for greater compatibility. Could a marriage then be considered “equally yoked,” despite differences in religious beliefs, while allowing both partners to grow in positive ways? I prefer to look at it that way rather than accepting a paradigm imposed by others.

This page is intended to gather links about the role of religious belief in marriage. I have provided a few links below with brief annotations. I am hoping the list will grow over time. Please email me if you have comments or a link to add.

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The Chaplain writes about the role of belief in marriage, and about her own experience in speaking to her husband about her changing beliefs.

DagoodS provides a detailed look at how the deconversion process can play out in a marriage.

HeIsSailing provides an interview between his marriage of an agnostic and a Catholic here.

Kevin and Cori, are a married couple who maintain their own separate blogs. Both have posts where they discuss their marriage.

Lorena gives her take on the “unequal yoke” label.

Tristan relates how his future wife was a catalyst for him to examine his faith.

The Woeful Budgie relates a poignant conversation with her husband about their differing religious beliefs in evacuating the elephant.

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